So, what's all about? Scroll and find out.

Potluck exists to nurture a sense of community by inspiring the gathering of friends and neighbors, one party at a time.

We believe technology should not merely amplify your friendships with gimmicks and games, it should simplify your life.

There's a reason we say ... party easy.

As an intuitive potluck organizer, we help you simplify the process of organizing dinner parties, meetups, BBQ's, and any other kind of bash. Simply create your event, invite your friends, and create a list of goodies for them to bring. We're here to help you save time.

Create your event

You'll never have to form a group or fill out a long, boring profile. Just answer a few questions and you're set!

Go shopping

Shop our intuitive Virtual Party Store from which you can create a list of needs (apps, entrees, plateware, drinks, etc.) You'll never have to hassle with long back-and-forth conversations again.

Connect with your existing network

Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Email, whatever. Your friends don't have to already be members of Potluck to be invited.

Sounds Cool Right?

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